Shipping Policy

The Shipping Policy is an important provision regarding shipping information when the Buyer makes an order, which contains details about the method and cost of delivery, delivery time and other things.


  1. Unless the Buyer chooses to pay by COD, the order will be processed and sent immediately after payment is fully paid. AYE & CO. will notify the buyer via sms or whatsapp, information about delivery status, delivery receipt number, delivery date, and estimated time the order will arrive. If the Buyer has an account on the Site of AYE & CO., Buyers can monitor the status of the Order in the "My Orders" feature. Buyers can also call the chat feature or the number listed on the website to ask about the delivery status of the Order.

  2. Orders will be sent to the address listed on the Order Form. AYE & CO. is not responsible for errors in writing the address by the Buyer. If the Buyer finds an error writing the address on the Order Form, the Buyer can immediately contact the Online Store via the chat feature or the number listed on the website

  3. Delivery is made by the shipping service provider selected by the Buyer in the Order Form.

  4. Delivery service fees may vary depending on the weight of the product and the distance / area of ​​delivery. Shipping service costs are fully borne by the Buyer.

  5. The length of time for delivery is in accordance with what has been informed in the Order Form when the Buyer chooses a delivery service provider. AYE & CO. does not guarantee and is responsible for delays in delivery from the delivery service provider. Compensation for delay or loss is fully subject to the provisions of the shipping service provider.

  6. For delivery by COD, if after 3 (three) consecutive times the delivery service officer arrives at the destination address and no one is present to receive the order and pay off the payment, the order is considered canceled.