Intellectual Property Policy

Reporting Violations of Intellectual property rights


  1. If you are the owner of an intellectual property right (“IPR Owner”) or an authorized agent of IPR Owner (“IPR Agent”) and you believe that your rights or the rights of the party providing authority to you have been violated by any listing in this shop, please notify us personally, in writing via and provide us with the required documents below to support your claim. Please give us time to process the information provided. This shop will respond to your claim as possible.


  2. Claims under this Section must be submitted in the form specified herein, which may be extended from time to time, and must include at least the following: (a) a physical or electronic signature of the person submitting the complaint (the “Informant”); (b) an explanation of the type and nature of the intellectual property rights being violated; (c) details of the register containing the alleged infringement; (d) sufficient information to allow us to contact the Informant, such as the Informant's physical address, telephone number and email address; (e) a statement from the Informant that the complaint was properly filed and that the use of intellectual property rights as stated by the Informant is not authorized; (f) a statement by the Informant that the information in the notification is accurate, indemnifies us for any loss suffered by us as a result of the information provided by and that the Informant has the appropriate or enforceable right on behalf of the IPR Owner for the complaint.